Monday, July 9, 2007

Urban Hip Hop Clothing

In 1989 Karl Kani started the fashion apparel business in Los Angeles with small store front. It was the first largest black-own company, In 1999 with sales of $78 million men's suits also jeans, golf wear, the KK2 women's line and men's leather with cheap prices. Kani was soon engaged with top urban fashion designing companies like FUBU, Phat Farm, Ecko Unlimited, Wu Wear, Mecca and Triple 5 Soul, which took the fashion industry and young America--both black and white--by storm.

Urban clothing is not a brand name of the company nor it belongs to some specific region, basically word Urban is utilized to differ the rural areas from the modern and developed cities now if you devote your attention on the word Urban Clothing it comes out with the sound ideology of the fashion wear that is most commonly or casually being used in Urban areas. Basically Urban Culture is called the culture of cities In United States and United Kingdom term Urban is often used to describe hip hop culture. <article resource>

So all its drive that Urban Clothing refers to clothing or fashion appeal that is won by fashion leaders or followers like the wear BAPE Hoodies, Loose T-Shirts, Jeans and other fashion appeal that dominates hip-hop culture.

Some of the top selling Urban and Hip Hop clothing line include:

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