Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Polo Shirts

Basically Polo shirts were first known as Tennis shirt and for the sake of making play ease to players there is 7-time Grand Slam tennis champion Rene Lacoste started to wear his own clothing line and named it Lacoste, and from that time the brand Lacoste and the Polo/Tennis shirt was first invented, Hence from the history you can ay that the Lacoste was the first brand tailored Polo shirt. <article resource>

Polo Shirts
The Polo T-shirts continues to use by athletes, used even in casual wears by non-athletes associated with a given sport in their employment, such as caddies, some retired golf professionals, and sports announcers. Polo shirts are also favored for those working outside, like groundskeepers and construction workers due to its austerity and style. During the 1990s, the Polo shirts became the standard informal business wear for the high tech industry and then spread to other industries and termed as business casual. A form of Polo shirts is also used by retail companies. Also in China younger business personals wear Polo shirts as business attire.

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