Wednesday, July 11, 2007


A Hoodie/Hoodies or Hoody is a hooded sweatshirt; also they are known to have large frontal pockets, zippers, and strings for adjusting hood tightness. The word Hoodie first transpire in English language in 1990s. <article resource>
Hoodies vary, not just in color, size, and emblem, but also in how they are built like lighter, zippered "Hoodies" and heavier, pullover hooded sweatshirts; in this regard, even the term itself can be used to differentiate between its types. It is very common to have large pockets over the lower chest area of Hoodies. They are easily accessible to the wearer and also the edges of the pockets are curved upward to keep the object inside. Some of the Hoodies are also termed as zippers which improve efficiency to take them of these hoodies have two frontal pockets on each side of the zippers.

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