Monday, July 9, 2007

Polo Ralph Lauren Shirts

Polo Ralph Lauren is the famous brand representing fashion clothing since 1967, incorporated by Ralph Lauren who is specializes in casual and semi formal wear for men and women.

Polo shirt

When the company was first incorporated in 1967 its name was purchased from Books Brothers by Ralph Lipschitz who was worked for that company. In 1968 Polo started its first fashion line of men's tie with conventional styles of the time; Lauren designs wide, handmade ties using unexpected, flamboyant, opulent materials. Later after in 1969 Ralph Lauren establishes the first physical store for Polo lines in Manhattan department store Bloomingdale's. After ten years of success work Ralph Lauren Polo was globally get the worldwide acceptance when it moves to first international store on London's New Bond Street. The memorable efforts are also made by Lauren in sports line when in 1993 The Polo Sport line is bring in as Lauren follows the national changing attitude toward fitness and health with an entire fitness lifestyle. <article resource>

One of the classical fashion appeal that can be remember ever in the world is polo short-sleeved knit shirt which was famous in 1980s featuring the now-iconic Polo player on the left breast of the t-shirt still by 2005 Polo signs four years contract with United States Tennis Association as official apparel sponsor for games.

Now after crossing the developing stages and achieving goals Ralph Lauren have their own RL TV channel and RL Fashion a guide to those who were found in to wear casual and semi formal wear for men and women.

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CSmhacky said...

The latest and trendiest from Ralph Lauren is his "Big Pony" collection. A fabulous new twist on the classic polo shirt that delivers a trendy look. The Black Watch polo offers a more equestrian feel than other styles. Note the detail in the embroidered pony.