Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Purses and Wallets

People always wondered about the origin of wallets, purses and handbags. The history of wallets and purses offers an interesting insight into both men and women developing need to carry different range of personal items with them whenever they traveled away from home or shopping in the market, over the last six hundred years or so. A wallet or purse is very handy accessory to carry small valuables such as jewelry, money, make up items or any other precious or useful item. Most of the people have money in their wallets, generally ladies use it for carrying jewelry items, comb, mirror or any beauty related item as well as money. <article resource>

Purses and Wallets

Purses or wallets can be used according to the weight and nature of the objects placed inside them - Because they can be damaged by various items which are not suitable for that particular purse. For example a needle, hair pin or any pointed item can wear a hole in the purse.

Nowadays, designer handbags are the most popular and very expensive just not because of their quality or durability but because of the designer name and its market value.

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