Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Prada Fashion House

Prada is an Italian fashion company which is also known as a label and fashion house which has retail outlets around the world, it is considered one of the most influential clothes designers in the fashion industry. <article resource>

Prada Handbags

Prada is credited with many innovations in fabric and design from mirror fragments to beaded latex, experimenting with unique blends of fabrics without disturbing the caliber of the brand. Prada launched the Miu Miu line which targeted the young consumers and was affordable. This collection had the flowing shapes, colors and prints with a high end vintage look which set it a part from other collection of Prada, it was followed up by Prada Sport label 'Linea Rossa' which won the international award for accessories in 1993. Also followed by a line of Mens wear and lingerie collection.

The product range of Prada features handbags, bags, purses, wallets, fashion clothing, shoes, sneakers, sunglasses, leather accessories, perfumes, suitcases, trunks, and now even Cell phone in collaboration with LG. Prada has recently designed a mobile phone with LG which is known as the Prada Phone by LG KE850. This phone will be available at selected prada outlet across the UK, Germany and other countries.

Prada's classic apparel and footwear collection includes:

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