Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sandals, Slippers, Clogs

The open type of footwear worn by normally ladies is called sandal, consisting of sole with straps or hongs to hold wearer's feet. While it is too hazy that you can distinct between sandals and other types of footwear, the most common property of sandal is that it reveals your maximum part of foot especially the toes to view. The use of sandal among the group of people is also different like some choose to wear it because of, economy, comfort in warm weather, and (especially for women) for reasons of fashion and attractiveness. <article resource>

Sandals or Slippers are available in variety of designs and styles and also in different fabricated materials like, sole made from espadrilles, rubber, leather, clogs or geta and zori. It may hold to the foot by a thong passing between the first and second toe, or by a strap that passes over the arch of the foot. It can also hold heel, high heel or no heel.

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