Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chanel Fashion House

The House of Chanel was founded by Coco Bonheur Chanel. She started her fashion career in 1910 before that she was a café and concert singer. She heralded new designs and revolutionized the fashion industry by going "back to basics," incorporating elegance, class, and originality. Under her tight reign from 1910-1971, Coco Chanel held the title as 'Chief Designer' until her death on January 10, 1971. <article resource>

Chanel Handbags
Since its establishment, the House of Chanel has been known as worldwide leader in fashion accessories and apparel collection. Chanel collection offers a huge range of fashion products such as handbags, sunglasses, purses, hats, belts, costume jewelry, shoes, sneakers, perfumes and lot more.

Chanel collection offers a huge range of fashion products including:

Fashion Handbags & Apparel:
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Jewelry & Cosmetics:
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kelvin tuther said...

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