Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Diesel Clothing

Diesel designer clothing company is based in Italy; it is a clothing company focusing on quality clothing. Diesel brand is among the Europe top manufacturers of quality jeans and apparel which includes the Diesel Kids children's clothing, Diesel Style Lab brand and the extreme sports-inspired 55-DSL sportswear line. The company's range of apparel mainly aims at 18 - 35 years old people market. No doubt it is the first brand who legitimately claims to believe truly in the global village and to embrace it with open arms.<article resource>

Diesel Jeans

The Diesel Company's irreverent ad campaigns plays are huge role in the boost of their name, sales and recognition. The ads are radically rebellious, innovative, inspiring and some thing that really sets Diesel apart from other brands. Their ads compel the people to be young and stay young. Diesel expected to continue to cloth and inspire its customers through the 21st century.

Diesel clothing line includes:
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The Diesel Company has a tough competition with huge companies like Giorgio Armani, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Bape, Benetton, Calvin Klein, Esprit, Versace, Guess, Hugo Boss, Levi Strauss, Tommy Hilfiger.

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