Tuesday, July 10, 2007

UGG Boots

The UGG boots are actually around for over 100 years. The word UGG is termed as a generic word which is used and Australian style sheepskin boot made from sheepskin & wool. They were called Ug, Ugh or Ugg boots and later only UGGS. These shoes have a synthetic sole with a wool inner lining and a tanned outside surface. These shoes look ugly but they are cute and so remarkably comfortable and luxurious that everyone should consider buying at least one pair. They are stylish, cozy, form fitting & soft during cold weathers, and are also ideal for keeping the feet cool during warm weather as well. <article resource>

UGG Boots

Uggs shoes are extremely popular in Milan, Paris, New York, Hollywood they have definitely become fashion icons. Madonna, Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Kate Moss love them and even Oprah she liked the Ultra boots so much that she purchased 350 pairs for her entire staff and later featured the Ultra Boots in her popular "Oprah's favorite things" show. After 3 years she again featured uggs Uptown boot, Baby Pink and Baby Blue Classic Boots which immediately caught the attention of holiday shoppers.

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